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Basic & Advance Acting Course

JGSA offers highly personalized acting courses for our unique clientele. At our institute, we absolutely understand that pursuing acting as a full-time profession is a demanding and challenging avenue. Keeping that in mind, the ‘Basic & Advance Acting Course’offers a rigorous training module incorporating an intensive mind training workshop, solely dedicated to preparing your mind to overcome the challenges posed in the field, with your head held high.


What Will You Learn?




Staying motivated is a prerequisite for any job well done. Given the unpredictability and inconsistencies of the industry, the experience takes a severe toll, especially on beginners. However, additional work or its lack thereof should not be a factor determining the aspirant’s lack of motivation. Hence, to stay in the game, you must constantly be involved in self-improvement through self-assessment, preparing and conditioning your mind as well as body as a proficient actor.


Concentration And Focus

Dealing with the lack of focus and concentration, as well as experiencing feelings of disengagement, is highly common. However, its prevalence does not make it any less of a stressor. Through this holistic program, you will be able to effectively strengthen the techniques and practical tools required every time you face a significant lack of concentration.


5 Ws Of Acting

Every actor with adequate desire, workable knowledge, and strong drive can bring the character alive on screen. Yet, what makes a performance memorable are the subtle nuances distinctive to each actor. The crucial 5 Ws of acting help accentuate the textures of a character on the silver screen. Hence, familiarizing yourself with the 5Ws of acting, effectively taught to you throughout the duration of this course, will guarantee uniqueness to each character you play.


Speech Techniques

Right tonality, as well as modulation in your voice, are among the key elements that set you apart in a crowd full of people. They underline your mood, the inquisition, the relationship dynamics, and the implied expectations from a response. But, it is important to note that without the right speech techniques and deliverance, the character may become monotonous and fail to grab the attention of viewers. Know that as an actor, it is important for aspirants to be aware of the emphasis, pauses, vocal variation, tonality, pace, and inflection of their character’s voice. And this is truly what we aim to teach you through this comprehensive program.


Body Dynamics

Your body is one of the most important tools you use to convey the internal happenings of a character, their upbringing, the unique dynamic with other characters, and their inherent intentions. This program will acquaint you with the diverse sides of different body postures, walks, kinesthetics, and physical presentation through physical expression, in addition to the right approach of effectively utilizing them during a performance.


Emotional Quotient

We all agree, movie making is a collaborative effort and requires a great deal of teamwork. A good emotional quotient helps you maintain work relationships, reduce stress, deescalate a situation, have a win-win resolution, and secure immense job satisfaction. And at our institute, we strongly believe that a team that works together certainly sticks together!


5 Tools Of Acting

Body, emotions, speech, space, and thoughts are the five critical tools of the trade. They help an actor effectively hone their skills and showcase a more believable character. These tools come together in perfect harmony, thus making your performance more convincing.


Preparing For Auditions

Putting yourself out there in an industry that is relatively new is as jarring as it is daunting. Auditioning for different roles is one of the innumerable ways of introducing yourself to the ever-so-dynamic world of cinema. Being well prepared and having a go-getter attitude is a way to score a role and make a stronghold in a world full of opportunities. At our esteemed institute, you will be taught the art of self audition, studio audition, and online, incorporated with the do’s don’ts and rules of an audition.



1. Action Reaction Interaction: Being aware of the actions, reactions, reaction time, and interaction.


2. Theatre and Camera: Acting for different mediums as well as the subtle changes of performances


3. Observations and Imaginations: Being aware of the world around you and the world inside you.


4. Concentration: Multiple focus and coordination


5. Breath and Mind Regulating: The power of breathing correctly and effectively and ruling your mind to rule the world.


6. Action-Reaction and Response: Understanding the intensity and depth of an act


7. Acting in a Film Scene: Learn all about giving in your best while acting in a film scene.



Please note that for the 'Basic & Advance Acting Course', applicants should be above the age of 13 years.



Modules Covered:




  • Tools and Techniques of Acting
  • Speech Techniques
  • How to Stay Motivated by Using Self-Assessment
  • Enhance Concentration andFocus Through Mind Training Techniques
  • Understand The 5Ws Of Acting and How to Use Them
  • Understand 5 Tools of Acting
  • How to Prepare for An Audition
  • Improve Your Observation and Imagination
  • The Art of Improvisation Building Character 
  • Confidence Building 
  • How to Read the Script, Understanding Your Character, 
  • How to Build Your Character and Bring Your Own Flavours to It
  • How to Make Your Character More Believable and Relatable
  • Acting for Different Mediums 
  • Learn to Set Your Goals 
  • Discover Your Own Style
  • Learn Makeup Techniques
  • Personal Grooming 
  • Learn How to Discipline Yourself
  • Developing New habits & Breaking Old Ones
  • How to Stop Procrastinating 
  • Career Guidance
  • Information on Work Opportunities
  • Managing Time 
  • Learn Success Principles 
  • How to Use Mind Power to Shape Your Life
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • How to Succeed in Personal and Professional Life
  • How to Reduce Stress
  • How to Deal with Rejection


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    Basic & Advance Acting Course

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    6 Months, 60 Sessions, 120 Hours

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