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Achieve Your Dreams By Learning Goal Setting

Does your life feel like it holds no meaning or purpose? Do you feel like you deserve way more than you have continually acquired from your existence? Do you crave success but just don’t know how to achieve it? Does your life feel like everything is falling behind and apart? Well, if you have nodded in agreement with the above questions, we are here to provide you with the core answers in our course entitled, ‘Achieve Your Dreams by Learning Goal Setting.’


What Will You Learn?


The most important question around which all human lives revolve is the purpose of our existence in the world. The search for this specific purpose is never-ending, irrespective of whether you are a CEO of a multimillion company or just beginning a regular job.


While innumerable goal-setting workshops are mushrooming everywhere, what makes our program different? At JGSA, we successfully guide you from the very beginning without missing a single breakthrough or key aspect.


What is Goal Setting?


Goal setting is a comprehensive planning process. It provides you with clarity on how to gradually build your way up into achieving your dreams. As goals shift and change almost every day, trying to attain a fruitful outcome is painstaking; often ending in a futile attempt at tasks that outwardly appear laborious and tedious.


Why is Goal Setting Essential?


The primary element of our workshop on ‘Achieve Dreams by Learning Goal Setting’ is that we provide our students with the blueprint of goal setting. We encourage participants to work smart, ensuring they’re headed in the right direction. The blueprint helps them fill in the blanks on all walks of life, whether at work or in personal endeavors. While you work on getting your priorities straight, pivoting from conflicting priorities, and sticking to the urgent aims, we help you meet your short-term, midterm, and long-term goals by creating effective unit goals, thus making your life easier and less lethargic and strenuous.


In this program, we will teach you to set up realistic, tactile, and strategic goals. You will also learn how to remain focused, gain more in a limited time, and maximize your productivity. At the end of the workshop, you will effectively know how to prioritize your milestones, plan a schedule, dividend and distribute your time, and comprehend your proficiencies as you continue growing in your individual capacity. Furthermore, your efficiency will significantly improve, and you will have successfully struck a healthy, optimistic balance.


Modules Covered:


  • Easy to Follow Guide on Planning
  • Understanding Your Strengths and Niche
  • Boosting your Confidence and Self-Esteem by Becoming More Productive
  • A Positive, Can-Do Attitude
  • Define your Short Term, Midterm, And Long-Term Goals
  • Learn to Successfully Prioritise Tasks
  • Understanding Who You Are and How that Aligns with Your Goals
  • Breaking Down Goals into Tactile and Feasible Activities
  • Curate Schedules to Achieve Your Goals
  • Career Guidance
  • Information on Work Opportunities

Course Information

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    Achieve Your Dreams By Learning Goal Setting

  • Duration

    1 Day (4 Hours)

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