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Bring Out The Genius In You Through Our Memory Training Programme

One of the most fantastic things all human beings are bestowed with is the mind. Our mind is a place where our body inhabits our cognitive abilities, including memory, concentration, perception, awareness, and others. Simply put, you are your mind.


If you are dealing with extreme stress, lack of concentration, have trouble recalling and memorizing things, and get severely stressed during examinations and tests, we’ve got you covered through the course titled, ‘Bring Out The Genius In You Trough Memory Training.’


What Will You Learn?

The brain is an excellent machine that could give any supercomputer a run for its money! When trained to function in its full capacity, the world will certainly become your oyster. As a result, you can definitely learn to re-route neural pathways and gain a positive mindset through our well-curated training and exercises.


The predominant purpose of this workshop is to enable individuals to utilize their minds by virtue of their full potential, such as understanding the simplest strategies to learn and memorize for exams, meetings or to be able to recall memories quickly.


As a student, you will learn to effectively challenge your mind, master the art of fast comprehension, and redirect it towards remarkable activities. After the workshop, you will be able to identify the negative thoughts keeping you from achieving your peak potential. The simple yet effective solutions for your daily health issues will further provide you with enhanced clarity of thought, subsequently giving you an added advantage over others.


Modules Covered:


  • Memory Techniques and Their Uses
  • Photographic Memory System Useful in Memorizing Long Answers, Points, Diagrams, Charts, and Tables
  • Memory Techniques to Memorize the Name of a Newly Introduced Person
  • Memory Technique to Memorize To-Do List, Daily Worklist
  • Memorizing 30 Words and Recalling Them in Sequence or Reverse Order
  • Memory Technique to Remember 400 Years Calendar
  • 40 Digits Within Minutes Memorizing Technique
  • Speed Reading Techniques
  • Mind Mathematics Basic Techniques
  • Instant Focus Technique
  • Career Guidance
  • Information on Work Opportunities

Course Information

  • Course Name

    Bring Out The Genius In You Through Our Memory Training Programme

  • Duration

    10 Days (16 Hours)

  • Time


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