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One to One Online/Offline Training for Working Actors

Are you a working actor who has still not been able to achieve your career goals? Are you an actor who has completed all initial training, but are unsure about what is holding you back from moving forward and accomplishing everything you ever desired? Well then, you are in the absolutely right place.


At JGSA, we aim to help you identify your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, training and encouraging you to propel towards the next level. We will also teach you the effective tools and techniques of on-screen acting, with immense expertise and efficacy. This way, you will not only enhance your possibilities of succeeding in the field of acting but also develop a drive to thrive.


But before we get there, do you think that long days of working on set adds immense strain on your personal life? Do you feel that attempting to manage your personal life while working causes significant strain on your professional life? Are you depressed because of the challenges you have been facing? If your answer to these questions is yes, then we have the perfect solution for you!


At the 'One to One Online/Offline Training for Working Actors' course, we guide professional actors through an intricate and all-comprehensive journey of balancing their personal and professional lives. By virtue of this integrated program, we will help you lead a content and successful life, delivering a healthy stabilization across your personal relationships as well as commitments, and keys to flourishing in the avenue of acting.


The qualifications of an actor are typically considered to be an appealing physique, an alert and intelligent mind, retentive memory, eloquent speech capabilities with a clear, reverberating, and articulate voice, as well as controlled breathing. However, while appearances and personality are undeniable prerequisites, the level of impact they create may seem difficult to determine. Since these attributes are usually acknowledged only after the actor has gained a considerable level of success, it may cause significant strain on the actor’s individual perceptions and sensitivities, thus affecting their personal lives, as well.


What Will You Learn?


At JGSA, we encourage artists to prioritize their physical and mental health over money, fame, and other perks and help them build an effective balance between the two worlds. Through this course, we also help actors manage their anxiety and stress in a positive way for long-term health and emotional benefits. As a result, professional artists can enjoy their success in an improved and more optimistic manner, without giving in to the tremendous pressure of navigating through the difficulties associated with competition and struggle.



Modules Covered:


  • Screen Acting Tools and Techniques
  • Working on Your Strengths
  • Discover Your Own Unique Style
  • Build Confidence
  • Voice Modulation
  • Improved Focus and Concentration
  • Goal Setting
  • Vision Boards
  • Time Management
  • How to be More Disciplined
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • How to Succeed Under Pressure
  • How to Create a Balance Between Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Life
  • How to Overcome Depression
  • How to Improve Your Memory
  • Learn to Think Big and Achieve Your Goals
  • Tips to Crack Auditions (Films, Serials, and Ads)
  • Enhance Your Physical Fitness and Mental Health
  • Hand-Holding to Actors
  • Career Guidance
  • Information on Work Opportunities

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    One to One Online/Offline Training for Working Actors

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